Bordeaux, France

If you went camping with your parents at a KOA (which should stand for "Kamping On Asphalt"), then you have no idea how good it can really be.  Camping in Europe is entirely different. European campgrounds are like luxury resorts.  Europeans earn only 2/3 of what the same job pays in the US, yet the cost of living there is about double (Gasoline goes for $7/gallon in France).  Add to this the fact that they get 6 or 7 weeks of vacation, and ask yourself how can they afford to go on vacation?

By camping!  And since the upper middle class camp, the campgrounds can be VERY nice!  Here is an example!

You can camp on the top of the giant sand dune overlooking the beach!


Or under the trees!  Yes, that's my motorcycle and my tent
There's a sauna!


Swimming pools...


A restaurant ...
A grocery store...

A nightclub


And incredible beaches!
Sitting up here, watching the sunset on a summer evening, sitting some Bordeaux that you purchased that afternoon, and some cheese from a local shop... pure heaven!
Just a short 235 steps down from the campground to the beach!
The concrete structures are actually World War II bunkers, built by the Germans when they occupied France.  From the shifting sands, the bunkers have rolled down the hill over the years and are now upside!