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Radar Detectors

To find the best price or order, click below:

Product specifications and review

In order, starting with the best value: the best performance for the cost

Click above to order through Amazon - and select Beach Audio for the best price from a very reputable vendor!

BEST:   Sensoro Traveller Radar Detector

This one gets the best reviews from ever source!

Image of productPNIís Cordless Traveller lets you recognize speed traps sooner with its superior ability to detect incoming signals. Using a unique and patented technology, it offers unparalleled detection sensitivity. And it gives you cordless convenience while using incredibly little power. The Cordless Travellerís bi-laminar antenna (patent pending) is made with two sheets of copper, dramatically intensifying the incoming signal. Other manufacturers use a single sheet of cast aluminum. You will notice the difference in performance.


The Sensoro Traveller cordless radar detector comes with a ton of advanced features, especially for a radar detector in this price range. Some features of the Pni Sensoro Traveller include...

* Protection against X, K, and Superwide Ka bands.

* A bi-laminar antenna (patent pending) which is constructed of two sheets of copper, which is supposed to dramatically intensify the incoming band signal.

* 360 degree laser coverage

* VG-2 Alert (makes the PNI Sensoro Traveller invisible to radar detector detectors).

* A total of 4 city modes to help eliminate false radar alerts during city driving. The convenience to delete X-band reports can be used by selecting city mode 4.

* Adjustable brightness, sound, and the option of mute.

* A numbered LED signal strength meter.

* A tutorial mode to demonstrate operations

* Memory to retain set modes after the power of the Sensoro Traveller is shut off. The Sensoro also offers a hands free ear piece connection for motorcycles (the ear piece is not included).

* The luxury of a cordless connection; 2 AA batteries are included.

* The convenience of battery saving power cord

NOTE that it can run on batteries OR a cord!



2nd Best

Beltronics V-965 Vector 965 Radar Detector with AutoScan Filter
Bel  Vector 945 Radar Detector with AutoScan Filter
Specs: Power, Laser, Signal strength, Safety Warning System, Text display, VG-2, City mode, Safety alert, Radar detector, Made by Beltronics


  3rd Best - great performance, but expensive


Beltronics Pro RX65 | Radar Detector Portable Radar Detectors
Bel Pro RX65  - Radar Detector Portable Radar Detector

Specs: Laser, Text display, VG-2, Radar detector, made by BEL-TRONICS


  4th best

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Red | Radar Detector Portable Radar DetectorsEscort Passport 8500 X50  - Radar Detector Portable Radar Detectors

Specs: Power, Laser, Signal strength, Auto mute, K-Band, X-Band, Ka-Band, VG-2, City mode, Radar detector, Suction cup

  5th best
Cobra XRS-9400 11-Band Radar/Laser Detector with Voice Alert
Cobra XRS-9400  - 11-Band Radar/Laser Detector with Voice Alert

Specs: Power, Laser, Auto mute, VG-2, Voice alert, Alert tone(s), Memory retention, Safety alert, Strobe alert, VG-2 alert system, Radar detector


  6th best
WHISLTER DE1783 Radar Detector w/Digital Compass WHISTLER DE1783 Radar Detector w / Digital Compass

Specs: Power, Laser, Electronic compass, Safety Warning System, Text display, VG-2, City mode, Memory retention, Tutorial mode, Safety alert, Radar/laser detector


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