Ender 3 Pro: Step by Step How to Print


If you haven't used one, 3D printers appear complicated... but they're really quite simple to use, once you know the process! Here's how to print a 3D dimension object, whatever you choose, from a Christmas ornament, a toy car, a key chain, a a desk nameplate, a replacement part or many other useful and fun things, using the most popular 3D printer, the Ender 3 Pro. These directions should work with the entire Creality series of printers, such as the Ender 3, Ender-3 V2, and Pruksa and other PLA filament 3D printers. Resin printers have a different process.


Basically, you:

  1. Find an image of something you want to make online.
    Of course it needs to be a 3-dimensional image, which is in the form of an STL files. There are many websites that provide thousands of images to download for free.  Some of the best are:FREE
    1. FREE: Thingiverse: A website for searching for 3D printing models.
    2. Cults 3D: A platform that connects 3D designers with 3D printing enthusiasts. It has a large selection of free 3D models and premium designs for purchase.
    3. AnyConv: An online file converter that can convert any type of file.
    4. FREE: Printables by Prusa Research - there are yet as many models as the above websites, as it is new.
    5. FREE: All3DP- a 3D printing website - "All Things 3D" has loads of 3D printing information, such as printer troubleshooting, 3D modeling, Arduino
    6. COSTS ($2 to $500):  CGTrader - Mostly intended for professional or advanced 3D modelers, but there are also many sophisticated models specifically for 3D printing.
    7. Other websites for 3D printer images include:
      Pinshape, GrabCAD, 3D Warehouse, TurboSquid, 3DExport, YouMagine, Thangs, MyMiniFactory
  2. Save the image to your PC and use a "Slicer" app to convert it to the correct file for your specific printer.
    Slicer apps are usually free. The Creality Slicer app works great and free to download from the Creality website here.
  3. Transfer the file to your printer -
    by copying it to an SD card and inserting this in the printer. 
  4. Preheat the printer and adjust the settings -
    You may need to make sure the bed is level, adjust settings for the type of plastic you are using, etc.
  5. Tell the print to start printing!
    That's it.

How to Print on the Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer - Step by Step!

  1. On a computer, go to https://www.thingiverse.com
  2. Find image of something you want to print
  3. Download all files

    Slice the files

  4. Open Creality slicer 4.8 (it takes a while to load)
  5. Drop and drag the thingiverse file to Creality Slicer
  6. Change size if needed., click on the nuclear power plant icon on the left and change the numbers Under 67 mm on the z
    21 mm on the Y axis
    44 mm on the X axis
  7. Click on the image and press the our key on the keyboard for rotate Rotate the image, so it's longest access is horizontal to the bottom plate
  8. Click the slice button in the bottom right of the screen

    Save to an SD card

  9. Then click save to removable drive
  10. Then, after it saved, it says file saved, click the eject button

    On the Printer

  11. Take the micro flash drive to the 3D printer
  12. If you are using the extended cable, you have to remove and re-insert it for the printer to recognize it. Insert the micro SD with the shiny contacts facing up
  13. On the Ender 3D Pro navigate to Temperature to make sure it's set preheat PLA to 205 F
  14. Click print from media
  15. Click the image on the SD card of the file that you want
  16. Then click print

    Make any needed height adjustments

  17. And go to tune,
    1. When the printhead starts moving, squat down to eyeball it and make sure the extruded plastic is adhering to the print bed. 
    2. It can't be too close (it will smear and bunch up making globs or strings) nor too far (it won't adhere to the bed).
    3. If it needs to be adjusted, click "baby step" to either
      1. increase the gap (.1 or ,2) positive number or
      2. lower it (negative number)
  18. It should be printing now

    When done printing

  19. When it is finished. you gently pry it up from the surface. A plastic putty knife from Home Depot may help.
  20. Finally, just pull of the extra bits off plasic by hand or with needle-nose pliers


Things can go wrong...

Not adhering to the bed

  • Clean the bed with isopropyl alcohol or Windex and a soft cloth. A blue and clean kitchen scrubby works well (NOT green, they will scratch)
  • Raise or lower the bed height

Projects to make

See this page for many useful, easy and fun projects you can make

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