How to empty your Keurig K coffee maker of internal water before storing the unit

It's easy to do but most of the videos and Keurig has made it unnecessarily confusing to empty the internal water tank prior to storage.

STEP 1: Empty the external tank and replace it in the unit

Just pour out the water and put the tank back.

STEP 2: Power on the unit

Just turn it on.

Step 3 - Hold the float in the tank up

This makes the Keurig believe there is water. I just jam a piece of paper town under the float.

Step - Lift and close the pod level

Without a pod in the receptacle, just lift and close the pod lever. Put an empty coffee mug where it normally goes.

Step 5 - Press the brew button

I chose the large cup size. And then press the brew button

Step 6 - Water comes out!

If it is as empty as it can be, the "Prime" indication will show in the LED screen.  If not, repeat steps 3 to 6.