Teacher info

  1. Forensic Science
    Tim Feilen
    Email: feilent@fultonschools.org
    Teacher Office Hours:
    • 7:50am - 8:15am
      Monday - Friday
    • During this time, students can email questions, ask for help
      Student are expected to work independently on assignments begun in class and/or homework.
    Forensic Science Units
    1st Semester:
    Unit 1: Introduction to Forensic Science/Crime Labs
    Unit 2: Processing the Crime Scene
    Unit 3: Death Investigation
    Unit 4: Crime Scene Reconstruction/Analysis
    Unit 5: Microscopic Evidence Analysis
    2nd Semester
    Unit 6: Biological Applications to Forensic Science
    Unit 7: Chemical Analysis of Evidence
    Unit 8: Jurisprudence (Forensics in the Legal System)
    Unit 9: Document/Money Examination
    Unit 10: Computer/Mobile Device Forensics