Six Flags Magic Mountain California: 2 Season Passes or 2 Memberships: Which is a better deal?

This table shows the total annual cost for 2 Season Passes at Six Flags Magic Mountain California with the Premium Dining plan against 2 Memberships with the Premium Dining plan during the Halloween sale (September / October 2020).


This page compares the Six Flags Magic Mountain CA Halloween Sale  2020 costs for passes vs. memberships for 2 people.  For a different number of people (1,3, 4, etc.) see this page.

Season pass is a much better value, saving anywhere from $44 to $254 over the year, depending upon the Membership level chosen.

See more notes, details and tips on this page.

Costs below do not include taxes. And Six Flags will probably slap on a "handling" or "convenience" charge when you go to check out, but those won't affect the analysis of which option is a better value as they apply across the board.

Six Flags total cost comparison, Season Passes vs. Memberships for 2 people