Tallulah Gorge water slide and waterfalls

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Tallulah Falls, Georgia

(Above) At Tallulah Falls after sliding down the natural waterslide (see below).  Tallulah Falls is in northeast Georgia just about 12 miles south of Clayton.  From Atlanta, it is about a 90 minute drive, up I-85 to I-985, then north on US-23. These photos date to the year 2000, but little has changed since then. You must get a day pass from the visitors center in order to go down into the gorge.

Starting at the down of the natural waterslide (Bridal Falls at Tallulah Falls)
Just sit down and let the river give you a push!
You'll start moving pretty fast!
As you get to the bottom, hold your nose unless you want a snoot full of water - you move pretty fast!
The pool at the bottom is plenty deep; you won't hit anything.
Just swim to the side... or stay in; the water's warm!