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There are many ways to travel the world; the two most common are to go:

  1. in groups and take a tour (bus, cruise, etc.)
  2. on your own, just with a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or buddies.

I almost always opt for Plan B. It allows greater flexibility to tailor the trip to meet your own interests and change plans as weather and circumstances change!  Plus... I tend to go to unique, out-of-the-way places where many tourists won't! How many group tours take you to the underground catacombs in Paris where 9 million bodies' bones are stacked?  Or to little cafe's in Bordeaux?  Or Triberg, the remote village in the Schwartzwald ("Black Forrest") or southern Germany where they make the cuckoo clocks?

I traveled around Europe frequently by motorcycle - not because I'm a "biker" or obsessed with motorcycles; but because it provided a truly unique way to see Europe.  And with narrow European roads, I was able to travel both faster and safer; and have more fun!


Rain?  It rarely rained on me.  Accidents?  I never had one. Hotels?  I usually camped - European campgrounds are like luxury resorts!  I'm going to post some photos of a great campground near Bordeaux as an example.

Just click on the buttons above to choose the country! You may also want to read my travel stories, like my Trip to Poland.

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Note - the pages for the countries after Taiwan (from Austria to Switzerland) are still under construction, I have over 15,000 photos, so it takes some time.  Of course, if you want them up sooner, you can offer to pay me! Otherwise, piss off and I'll get to it when I can! :-))