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The following links all go to http://www.1stsitefree.com/  It is a very nicely organized guide to the basics of web design. One downside is that it appears as though the website has not been updated since 2001.  I'll continue looking for more recent information..

1st Site Free Link. Want to link to 1st Site Free? Try one of these banners and buttons or text link to link back to 1st Site Free.

Add Image. Learn how to copy and download graphics.

Add Your URL. Promote your web site like a pro. It's easy when you use these search engine registration tips for: AltaVista, Anzers, AOL NetFind, Infoseek, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, NorthernLight, REX, WebCrawler, and What-U-Seek. (Manual submissions).

Check Your URL Listing. Learn how to see if your URL web page is listed in AltaVista, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler and Excite.

Code Your Website. Learn how to create HTML code for your Website, using free wizards, templates or HTML editors.

Color For Your Site. What color do you want to use today? Browser safe colors for your Webpage.

Create HTML Code. Use the 1st Site Free Java script editor to make your Webpage. Just fill out this form.

Cut and Paste. How do I cut and paste?

Design Your Website. Learn to design your Website free. Using good design principles, Website design tutorial and writing guidelines. Pick your images, headers, logos, midi files and banners.

Design Outline. Create a text file (.txt) sentence outline for each pages of your pages before you develop your BODY text. See the sentence outline for the Design Step page.

Disclaimer. The material in this site is provided for your personal, non-commercial, educational and informational purposes only, and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement with respect to any company or product.

E-commerce. Getting started with E-commerce, how can I get in on the action?

Facts About Search Engines. How Do Search Engines Work? Search engines use software robots to spider the Web and create their databases. But, each search engine indexes your Webpage differently. Learn the facts here.

Feedback For 1st Site. Developing methods for users to interact with your site is essential for creating a good web site. See an example feedback page here.

FFA Link. 1st Site Free, Free For All Links Page. Submit your link today.

Footer. Cut and paste this free footer for your pages - if you need one.

Free Web space. Over 54 sites that provide free Web space for your website or homepage.

How can I ...

Home Page For 1st Site Free. Home page for 1st Site Free. Learn how to create a website in 7 easy steps - plan, design, code, FTP, test, promote and maintain your web site for nothing!

How To Register Your Website. Overview, of the basic steps involved in registering your URL with the major search engines.

HTML Tutorials. Free HTML tutorials and basic HTML guides.

HTML FAQ. Top 10 HTML questions.

Guest authors.

Internet. No one person "invented" the Internet. It is the result of many years of ongoing collaboration among people in government and the universities.

Maintain Your Website. Learn how to maintain your Website for free.

Maintenance Tips. When it's time to maintain your site consider these tips.

Meta Tag Generator. Automated Meta Tag Generator, create and format your Meta Tags for best search engine results for free.

My Awards 99. 1st Site Free Awards Page.

Navigation Bar. Cut and paste this free navigation bar for your pages - if you need one.

Optimizing a GIF Image. You can reduce the file size of GIF images, even animated GIFs.

Plan Your Website. Learn how to plan your website for free. Define your site's purpose, intended audience - their background, interests, skills and knowledge.

Power Searching Major Search Engines. Learn how to use Boolean operators to narrow or broaden a search.

Pre-FTP Checklist. Before you FTP (upload) your web pages, print and complete this pre-ftp checklist.

Promote Your Site. Learn how to market, promote, advertise, publicize, announce your Website, and check URL ranking free.

Promotion Never Ends. Want a top 20 search engine placement? What's the secret? Hard work - PROMOTION is 2/3 MOTION!

Research Links. Websites to help you gather content and research information.

RGB_Hex Converter. Choose your colors using the scrollbars; or convert your hexadecimal color values to RGB (red, green and blue) values; or convert your RGB (red, green and blue) values to hexadecimal.

Search. Search 1st Site Free.

Search Engine Clips. Major Search Engine News.

Search Engines . Links to the major search engines and some of the minor ones.

Search Engine Watch: Search Engines And Frames

Signature File. Learn how to create your signature file.

Simple Submit. Submit your URL to nine major search engines with one click.

Special Characters. This table contains a quick reference for adding reserved, special and foreign characters to your HTML documents.

Speed-up Your Site. Learn the secret to reducing your download time for your Webpage.

Templates. Surf in pick up your Free Website templates, 15 template sites, with lots of styles and colors.

Test Your Website. Learn how to test your Website using free online HTML validation, spell check, HTML links and download tools.

Thumbnails. How to create thumbnail images, and speed-up your pages.

Upload Your Web Files. Learn how to upload your Web files using free FTP software.

Website Awards. Apply for over 800 Award Sites around the world! Download this worksheet to track them.

Website Stuff. Add a guestbook, counter, graphics, free banners, logos, buttons, a personal search engine or web poll to your site.

  • Free Banners, Logos, and Buttons. Create your own banners, 3D logos, headers, and buttons with style, font and color selections.
  • Free Counters/Trackers. Have a website on a server that doesn't offer a page counter, or way to track your visitors? Try one of these services.
  • Free Graphics and Animations. Free web graphics, animated, clip art, backgrounds, borders, buttons and balls for your site.
  • Free GuestBooks. Most allow you to customize your guestbook. Such as: background image, and color of background, link, visited link, and text.
  • Free Interfaces. Interfaces, pads, control panels and navigation bars.
  • Free Maintenance Tips. When it's time to maintain your site consider these tips.
  • Free Personal Search Engines. Free personal search engines for your Website. Let your visitors search only your site, not the whole Internet.
  • Free Website Poll. Add a free poll to your website and create interactivity. Most allow you to fully customize your poll and no CGI is required.
  • Free Website Tools. Tools to help you with your Website.
  • Free Ware. Free software for your PC.

Webmaster Links. An extensive list hundreds of Web development links for free software, HTML help, Web graphics, promotion, scripts, Webmaster tools and site administration stuff.

Website Plan.. See the Website Plan used to develop 1st Site Free.

What's New At 1st Site Free. Learn what's new at 1st Site Free. Where you can learn to create your own Website or home page for nothing - just follow these 7 easy steps - plan, design, code, FTP, test, promote and maintain.

Write Tools. Use these writing tools to help you design your Website.

Writing For The Web. Usability studies show that Web readers tend to skim over information rather than read it. The solution? Get your message across quickly and use as few words as possible.

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Other great web sites: 1. Fitness and exercise information     3. Environment, health and safety Information     4. Where to find a pick-your-own farm    5. Find Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Hayrides and More     6. Find choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms, precut trees, etc.     8. Free resources to start your own website business.  Chastain Park:  Looking for Chastain Park Concert tickets or directions?  Click here