Here are some of a few of my favorite photos from places I've been, about half with me in them. The photos fall into several themes: family; global travel photos, sand castles and miscellaneous places in the US. 

A few of them contain a several photos and may take a minute or two to load (Family and Waterfalls)

Yes, I did take each and every one of these photos (and they are all copyrighted - write me if you want to buy one for commercial usage, distribution or publication)

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Personal - These pages have photos of family and friends, hobbies, etc.  While, I can't think of any harm that can come from these being on the internet, and countless millions of people have personal web sites and family photos on the web, I've put mine in a password protect directory.  If you'd like to see them, just write to me at and I'll send you the id and password! In here are:

  • Family - my brother, sister, nieces, and my folks!
  • Sand sculptures (a.k.a., sand castles, sand art)
  • Hobbies - gardening, photography, biking