This is a personal website, intended to meet the needs of my family and friends. Over the years, a number of other people have found useful information here, as well. I often prototype and test technology and marketing ideas here, and I only update pages when the whim suits me, so don't be too surprised if there are typo's, broken links and half-finished pages. When I get an idea refined, I create a separate website for it.  You'll  find links to about a dozen of these websites below.

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This is my personal web site, intended to provide:
  • a platform for prototyping and testing new web sites that I am developing, such as
    •  "FitnessandHealthScience.org" a web site to provide free information about weight lifting and fitness - click on the "Fitness" button at the top of the page. 
    • Weekendfun.org - will be a web site that will provide a better way to find movies,
    • " PickYourOwn.org", a guide to finding a pick-your-own farm, and  www.PumpkinPatchesAndMore.Org for Halloween fun,
    • And of course, there is my huge environmental site (2,000 pages, over 3,000 visitors daily) at www.ehso.com . If you are looking for information on bioterrorism, like anthrax or ricin, click on the EHSO links!



Top stories

EHSO logo (r,t,sm).gif (6875 bytes)Online information services - EHSO offers a wide variety of EHS information from current regulations, Federal Register notices, to guidance and sample plans online. See www.ehso.com/contents.php  EHSO (Environmental Health & Safety Outsourcing and Environmental Health & Safety Online) a website I developed in 1997 using both my web design skills at that time and my environmental knowledge to provide information and services to the environmental and safety professions.  



PickYourOwn.org  PickYourOwn.Org is a web site I just started this year (2003) to provide a listing of all the pick-your-own farms in the U.s. - starting with Georgia and new Jersey, because I live and have family in those places. I plan to expand it to the whole of the US, and indeed anywhere in the world.  See www.pickyourown.org 
PumpkinPatchesAndMore.org Find a pumpkin patch, corn maze, haunted house, hayride or other Halloween fun near you!
PickYourOwnChristmasTree.org Find a choose-and-cut (or already-cut) tree farm in your area!
FitnessAndHealthScience.Org For practical, easy to understand help about exercise, health and diet - based on science and applied for everyday ease!

If you are a recruiter email me at the address at the top of the page for my resume!


This page was last updated on 12/08/23. Www.jbslemmer.com, www.EHSO.com and www.pickyourown.org  were all designed, developed and written by J. Blake Slemmer.


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